Everything You Need To Equip Youth to Master Storytelling with Videos,  

so that students can share their stories with impactful creativity and authenticity in less than 30 days.


Upon Completion Youth Will Have:

  • A step by step framework for powerful storytelling 
  • Writing and speaking skills to tell inspiring and engaging stories to share on various platforms
  • Interview skills to connect with people and convey emotion with a story
  • Video skills to record footage that illustrate the story
  • Editing skills to combine the writing, interviews, and video to create a finished story like a pro.

Alex Anaya-ABC Pilsen

"I thought you brought significant value to our program.  Our kids were very engaged and spoke highly of your teaching techniques. 

They learned how hard it is to be part of the media and the preparation that it requires.  Most importantly they had lots of fun."

More Importantly it will

  • Increase their confidence in expressing their thoughts and ideas
  • Develop their creativity
  • Improve their ability to inform, inspire and impact others
  • Equip them to master essential skill sets that position them for success

LaVonte Stewart-Lost Boyz

"The partnership and services around sports journalism our organization received from Clement Townsend were invaluable.

Youth gained understanding regarding the academic and professional requirements of a career in broadcasting.

Our teens thoroughly enjoyed the instruction and opportunity to create content using professional tools and mentorship. I would highly recommend Mr. Townsend's services to any interested parties."

The Most Comprehensive & Interactive Online Mentoring Program To Equip Youth and Your Organization to Master Storytelling with Videos

It gives students a deep sense of who the main character is or what the event is about so that they can tell a compelling story with power and authenticity.

Students will be equipped for the entire production processes: Pre-Production, Production Post-Production Stages. So they will be able to create a captivating story.

Students will learn how to share the story on various platforms, so audience can develop a deeper appreciation of people's or event's impact in the community.

It gives you a deep sense of who the main character is or what the event is about, so that you can tell a compelling story with power and authenticity.

  • Lesson 1 Identify the Main Character or Topic
  • Lesson 2 Create the Character Profile
  • Lesson 3 Brainstorm the Hero Journey
  • You’ll be equipped with a plan to make the shoot go as smooth as possible
  • You’ll learn how to gather the footage and interviews like a pro so that you can showcase the importance of the person or event taking place.
  • You’ll know how to create a captivating story with writing and editing so that the viewer can be drawn in and feels a connection to the person or event the story is about.

Pre-Production Process 


  • Lesson 1 Location Scouting
  • Lesson 2 Equipment Preparation
  • Lesson 3 Shooting Preparation

Production Process

  • Lesson 1 Shoot Setup
  • Lesson 2 Interview Process
  • Lesson 3 Shooting Process
  • Lesson 4 Standup Process

Post-Production Process

  • Lesson 1 Editing Folder Organization
  • Lesson 2 Review Footage and Interviews
  • Lesson 3 Writing the Story
  • Lesson 4 Voicing the Story
  • Lesson 5 Editing the Story

You will learn how to share the story on various platforms,  so a broad audience can develop a deeper appreciation of the amazing accomplishments of people or the impact of events in the community.

  • Lesson 1 Youtube Channel 101
  • Lesson 2 Facebook Page 101
  • Lesson 3 Linkedin Organization Page 101
  • Lesson 4 Instagram 101 
  • Lesson 5 Twitter 101




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